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Alternative news seems to be the way forward. As the world’s economy takes a nose dive, and politics become increasingly contrived and corrupt, many people are seeking alternative news sources that do not have political or corporate agendas.

Almost all of the mainstream news outlets in the United States and United Kingdom are controlled to a certain degree by the corporations or governments that own them, thus it is not uncommon for a story to be presented in such a way that it serves their interests. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a conspiracy at hand, but consuming information from several sources will give a better all round view on a topic.

Many citizens do not question or research where the information they receive through print or broadcast comes from, and this can have serious consequences on their beliefs and opinions. For example News Corporation owns mainstream magazines, cable channels, film studios, radio broadcasts, books, newspapers and websites all over the world. Most people are not aware that in any given day they might have only been exposed to information from News Corporation, despite thinking they are consuming a wide variety of media.

Since the 1990s websites and blogs have emerged that aim to offer a different side to the corporately funneled information that dominates society, and some have become very popular, if not more popular than their billionaire backed counterparts.

As more an more people become interactive online there is now an ever increasing boiling pot of alternative views. From the one man blogger to the fully staffed website, everybody now has the ability to express their own opinions on mainstream issues, and to consume information that didn’t come from mainstream outlets.

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