Working in Ireland


For the past few years Ireland has seen an influx of Eastern Europeans coming to the country to find better paid work than they will find in their home country. Many are disappointed and go home fairly soon after arriving, having spent a large part of their savings finding out that the Green Isle is not quite as inviting as they thought it would be.

It is still easy to find a job in Ireland. For new immigrants finding work is only the first problem and quite often it is one of the simplest problems to solve. There are a multitude of recruitment agencies in Dublin and around the rest of the country; they are well versed in finding jobs and lowering the expectations of the newly arrived. The salaries on offer for Eastern European are not as high as many are lead to believe before they come here.

The biggest demand for workers is in three specific areas:
1 Low skilled factory and shop workers; there is still a huge demand in this area as most Irish citizens don’t want to work in these companies due to the low salaries. Wages are at or just above the minimum wage of 8.65 euro per hour. Unfortunately when viewed from Eastern Europe that amount can still seem attractive, it is not when it comes to paying for any goods or services in Ireland.

2 Semi-skilled administration staff. Examples of this type of work include call centers, banking staff, insurance administration, and contract security. Employees will have much better pay and benefits; however they will still only be earning between 20,000 and 25,000 euro. These employees are often employed below their skill level and therefore suffer a great amount of frustration at work. However they are able to live in reasonable comfort and save or send money home.

3 High-skilled. The new entrants who fall into this category are doctors, skilled tradesmen, computer engineers, anyone who has a highly sought after skill and good education. The lucky few in this category will earn very high salaries in the +50,000 bracket.

It is worth bearing in mind that the average wage in Ireland is 38,000 and half of the population earn less than this. Housing, food, travel, and entertainment; all of these are very expensive and among the highest prices in Europe.

Work in Ireland provides all the information for new entrants to Ireland, how to find a job, how to find good living accommodation, opening a bank account, and all the necessary small details required when first living in Ireland.

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  204. BuyTopCannabis: An online marketplace offering a curated selection of top-tier cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, vaporizers, and CBD-infused items, catering to cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs.
  205. TuoBuy: A user-friendly e-commerce platform offering a wide range of products, including CBD, electronics, fashion, home goods, and more, providing a convenient shopping experience for diverse consumer needs.
  206. My Twin Haunts Me: A captivating blog exploring the world of paranormal experiences, supernatural phenomena, and spiritual encounters, sharing personal stories, investigations, and insights.
  207. Crypto Nice Deals: Your go-to resource for finding the best deals, discounts, and promotions in the cryptocurrency space, helping crypto enthusiasts save money on exchanges, hardware wallets, and other crypto-related products.
  208. Just4UCrypto: A personalized cryptocurrency news and information portal, tailoring content based on users’ interests, providing the latest updates, market analysis, and educational resources to empower crypto enthusiasts.
  209. ECrypto Blog: A comprehensive blog covering all aspects of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the digital economy, offering insights, analysis, and expert opinions to keep readers informed and educated.
  210. BestValue Crypto: A curated selection of top-value cryptocurrency projects, featuring in-depth reviews, analysis, and investment recommendations, helping investors make informed decisions in the crypto market.
  211. CryptoOnline4U: An online resource hub for crypto enthusiasts, providing the latest news, guides, reviews, and educational content to stay updated and navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.
  212. Crypto4Interest: Your gateway to earning passive income with cryptocurrencies, offering insights, strategies, and platforms for staking, lending, and other interest-earning opportunities in the crypto space.
  213. CBD Distributions: A trusted distributor of high-quality CBD products, partnering with reputable brands to provide a wide range of CBD oils, capsules, topicals, and pet products, prioritizing wellness and natural remedies.
  214. The Cannabis Newz: A comprehensive news platform covering the latest developments, legislative changes, and cultural trends in the cannabis industry, keeping readers informed about the ever-evolving world of cannabis.
  215. Advice4CBD: A reliable source of information and guidance on CBD products, usage, dosage, and potential health benefits, empowering consumers to make educated decisions about incorporating CBD into their wellness routine.
  216. CBD Newz: An informative blog dedicated to all things CBD, featuring articles, reviews, and updates on the science, legality, and benefits of CBD, helping readers navigate the world of cannabinoids.
  217. My Cannabis Oils: A comprehensive resource for cannabis oil enthusiasts, providing educational content, product recommendations, and user experiences related to various types of cannabis oils and their applications.
  218. Cannabis Wikis: A collaborative platform hosting a wealth of information, guides, and community-contributed content about cannabis, including strains, cultivation techniques, consumption methods, and more.
  219. All-Time Cannabis: A dedicated online store offering a wide selection of premium cannabis products, from flower and concentrates to edibles and accessories, ensuring customers have access to top-quality options for their cannabis needs.
  220. Cannabis 4 Solutions: A trusted resource for cannabis-related solutions, including cultivation tips, extraction methods, recipes, and DIY projects, empowering individuals to maximize their cannabis experience.
  221. Cannabis Enter: A comprehensive platform providing insights into the cannabis industry, featuring business news, investment opportunities, and market analysis for professionals and enthusiasts interested in the cannabis space.
  222. News247: A dynamic news platform covering a wide range of topics, including current events, politics, entertainment, technology, and more, delivering up-to-date news and engaging articles to a global audience.
  223. AmazingS: An online marketplace offering a wide range of products, from electronics and fashion to home goods and beauty, providing customers with a convenient shopping experience and exceptional deals.
  224. NetCryptoCoins: A comprehensive resource for crypto enthusiasts, providing real-time market data, coin information, trading tools, and educational resources to support informed decision-making in the cryptocurrency market.
  225. International Crypto Trades: A platform connecting crypto traders worldwide, facilitating trade opportunities, knowledge sharing, and community engagement to foster a global crypto trading ecosystem.
  226. Sell Crypto BTC: A secure and user-friendly platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, offering a seamless experience for individuals looking to convert their crypto assets into traditional currencies.
  227. Cryptos World Currency: An informative platform exploring the world of cryptocurrencies, providing insights into different coins, blockchain technology, market trends, and the future of digital currencies.
  228. Great Crypto Coin Biz: A comprehensive resource hub for crypto enthusiasts, offering market analysis, investment strategies, educational content, and news updates to support individuals in their crypto ventures.
  229. News4BTC: A dedicated news platform delivering the latest updates, analysis, and trends in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, keeping readers informed about the evolving landscape of digital currencies.
  230. Business Crypto Account: A platform catering to the needs of businesses in the crypto space, providing account management services, merchant solutions, and resources to facilitate seamless crypto transactions.
  231. 247 Crypto Tradings: A platform offering comprehensive crypto trading services, including trading signals, market analysis, and educational resources, empowering traders to make informed decisions in the crypto market.
  232. Best Crypto Major: An informative website highlighting the top cryptocurrencies, their features, use cases, and potential for growth, guiding investors in identifying promising crypto assets.
  233. Let’s Crypto: A community-driven platform fostering discussions, sharing insights, and promoting collaboration among crypto enthusiasts, traders, and blockchain technology enthusiasts.
  234. NewzCryptos: A news-oriented platform dedicated to providing the latest updates, market analysis, and trends in the world of cryptocurrencies, helping readers stay informed in the dynamic crypto landscape.
  235. Buy Crypto Bitcoins: A user-friendly platform offering a streamlined process for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, providing individuals with easy access to the digital currency market.
  236. Crypto Invest Account: A platform offering investment account solutions for individuals looking to diversify their portfolios with cryptocurrencies, providing a secure and reliable platform to manage crypto investments.
  237. Crypto Investing 247: A comprehensive resource hub for crypto investors, offering market insights, investment strategies, portfolio management tools, and educational content to support successful crypto investing.
  238. Crypto ATM 360: A platform providing information about cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide, helping users locate nearby ATMs, understand their functionalities, and explore the convenience of crypto-to-cash transactions.
  239. Organics Cannabis: A trusted source for organic and sustainable cannabis products, offering a wide range of organically grown flower, concentrates, edibles, and wellness products for conscious consumers.
  240. Store2Cannabis: An online marketplace offering a diverse selection of cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, edibles, and accessories, providing a convenient and reliable source for cannabis enthusiasts.
  241. Earth Origins CBD: A reputable CBD company dedicated to providing high-quality CBD products sourced from organic hemp, supporting wellness and natural alternatives for individuals seeking CBD solutions.
  242. The Cannabis Insiders: A trusted source for insider perspectives, expert interviews, and industry analysis in the cannabis space, offering valuable insights into the business, culture, and regulatory landscape of cannabis.
  243. LifePlan CBD: A comprehensive resource hub for CBD enthusiasts, providing educational content, product recommendations, and user experiences related to CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, and more.
  244. Economie FR NL: A bilingual platform (French and Dutch) delivering economic news, market analysis, and business insights, catering to readers in France and the Netherlands.
  245. Invest Ways: An investment-oriented platform providing investment strategies, market analysis, and educational content to help individuals make informed decisions and achieve financial growth.
  246. Boutique Berenas: An online boutique offering a curated collection of fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products, combining style and quality to provide a unique shopping experience.
  247. The Beauty Spot Blog: A beauty and skincare blog featuring product reviews, beauty tips, and expert advice, helping readers enhance their beauty routines and explore the latest trends in cosmetics.
  248. Magazine BLife: An online magazine covering a wide range of topics, including lifestyle, health, fashion, travel, and culture, providing engaging articles and insights for readers.
  249. Scarlet Technologies: A technology-focused company specializing in software development, IT consulting, and innovative technological solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era.
  250. Briscevents: A professional event management company specializing in planning and organizing a wide range of corporate and social events, ensuring seamless execution and memorable experiences for clients.
  251. Cloud9 Cars: A luxury car rental service offering a premium fleet of high-end vehicles for individuals seeking a stylish and comfortable transportation solution in the UK.
  252. BKGlasshouse: A reputable glass products manufacturer and supplier, offering a wide range of glass solutions for residential and commercial projects, including windows, doors, mirrors, and glass accessories.
  253. Financial Cryptos Trading: An online platform providing comprehensive resources, tools, and insights for individuals interested in cryptocurrency trading, empowering them to navigate the dynamic crypto market effectively.
  254. Chillinorth Holidays: A travel agency specializing in organizing memorable and relaxing holidays in the UK’s picturesque North, offering customized itineraries and personalized service.
  255. Trading4Business: A platform catering to business professionals and traders, providing market analysis, trading strategies, and educational resources to enhance their trading performance and business acumen.
  256. School Guide Edinburgh: An informative platform offering guidance, insights, and information on schools in Edinburgh, helping parents make informed decisions about their children’s education.
  257. Neyoucar: An online marketplace connecting car buyers and sellers, facilitating a seamless and transparent car purchasing process while providing a wide selection of quality vehicles.
  258. Tripter: A travel website featuring curated travel guides, destination recommendations, and travel tips for individuals seeking inspiration and practical advice for their next adventure.
  259. Healthy Living Retreats: A retreat organization offering rejuvenating and wellness-focused retreats, providing individuals with an opportunity to unwind, recharge, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
  260. Trend4Girls: A fashion and lifestyle platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering women, offering the latest trends, style advice, beauty tips, and lifestyle content.
  261. Lead Technology: A lead generation company helping businesses acquire high-quality leads through targeted marketing strategies, data-driven approaches, and lead nurturing techniques.
  262. Travel Router: A provider of portable Wi-Fi routers for travelers, ensuring reliable and secure internet connectivity while abroad, enhancing the travel experience.
  263. My Chill Thoughts: A blog and platform dedicated to promoting mindfulness, relaxation, and mental well-being, offering practical tips, resources, and insights for achieving inner peace and balance.
  264. Lumens Education: An education consultancy specializing in supporting students in their academic journey, offering guidance, tutoring, and resources to maximize their learning potential.
  265. Carm Technology: A technology-focused company providing innovative solutions and consulting services to businesses, helping them leverage technology to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  266. TechnoTV: An online platform featuring the latest technology news, reviews, and informative videos, catering to tech enthusiasts and keeping them updated with the ever-evolving tech world.
  267. Law Staff Online: A recruitment agency specializing in connecting legal professionals with job opportunities in the legal industry, offering tailored recruitment solutions for law firms and legal departments.
  268. Lawes Juridic: A legal services provider offering a comprehensive range of legal solutions, including legal advice, document preparation, and representation, serving individuals and businesses.
  269. RBD Dentist: A dental practice dedicated to providing high-quality dental care and oral health services, offering a wide range of dental treatments and personalized care for patients.
  270. Home Sweep Home: A professional cleaning company offering reliable and thorough cleaning services for residential properties, ensuring a clean and comfortable living environment for homeowners.
  271. Sage Investment Management: An investment management firm specializing in providing tailored investment solutions, financial planning, and wealth management services to individuals and businesses.
  272. Leather Fashion Online: An online retailer offering a wide selection of fashionable leather products, including jackets, bags, and accessories, catering to individuals seeking stylish and quality leather goods.
  273. Me Oh My Pie Shop: A charming pie shop offering a variety of delicious handmade pies, both sweet and savory, made with high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes.
  274. Home Raffler: A platform hosting property raffles, giving individuals the chance to win their dream homes through affordable ticket purchases while supporting charitable causes.
  275. Restaurante El Torreon Grazalema: A renowned restaurant located in Grazalema, offering a delightful culinary experience with a menu featuring traditional Spanish dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.
  276. Evay Style: An online boutique offering stylish and trendy clothing, accessories, and footwear for women, providing fashion-forward options for various occasions.
  277. Business Worx: A business consultancy firm providing strategic advice, operational support, and growth strategies to businesses, helping them optimize their performance and achieve their goals.
  278. Enterprise Force: A business services company offering a wide range of solutions, including marketing, consulting, and technology services, empowering businesses to thrive and achieve success.
  279. Hotel Saint George Prague: A luxurious hotel located in Prague, offering upscale accommodation, top-notch amenities, and personalized service, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay for guests.
  280. City Love: A website dedicated to celebrating and promoting the vibrant culture, attractions, and experiences of various cities around the world, offering travel guides, recommendations, and insights for city enthusiasts.
  281. Opisy GG: A platform providing creative and engaging descriptions, quotes, and messages for users of the GG messaging service, allowing them to express their thoughts and emotions in a unique and expressive way.
  282. San Sebastian Restaurant Week: An annual culinary event in San Sebastian, Spain, showcasing the city’s diverse and exquisite gastronomy through special menus, events, and promotions, attracting food lovers and culinary enthusiasts.
  283. Exciting Biz: A business resource platform offering valuable insights, articles, and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners, providing inspiration, guidance, and practical tips for building and growing successful businesses.
  284. Plum Tomatoes Restaurant: A charming and popular restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, known for its delicious pizzas, pasta dishes, and authentic Italian flavors, providing a warm and inviting dining experience.
  285. Otogaz Cafe: A cozy and stylish cafe offering a variety of beverages, snacks, and light meals, providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for customers to unwind and enjoy their time.
  286. Crypto FX Broker: An online brokerage platform catering to cryptocurrency traders and investors, providing a user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and a wide range of crypto assets for trading.
  287. i-Business News: A reputable online publication delivering up-to-date news, insights, and analysis on various business sectors, including finance, technology, entrepreneurship, and global markets.
  288. The Home Foreclosure Help: An informative resource website offering guidance, tips, and support for individuals facing foreclosure or seeking assistance in navigating the complex process of home foreclosure, providing valuable resources and expert advice.
  289. 123CryptoTrading: An online platform offering educational resources, trading signals, and market analysis for cryptocurrency traders, empowering them with knowledge and tools to make informed trading decisions.
  290. Crypto Bizness: A comprehensive platform providing news, insights, and resources related to the cryptocurrency industry, including blockchain technology, ICOs, and market trends, catering to crypto enthusiasts and investors.
  291. Crypto Incoin: A cryptocurrency information portal offering real-time data, analysis, and resources on various cryptocurrencies, enabling users to stay updated with the latest developments and make informed investment decisions.
  292. Crypto Live Trade FX: An online trading platform catering to cryptocurrency traders, providing a secure and intuitive platform for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies, with a focus on seamless user experience.
  293. CryptoLite Traders: An online community and trading platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, offering trading signals, market analysis, and educational resources to enhance trading skills and strategies.
  294. Business Times: A reputable business news website delivering the latest updates, analysis, and insights on global business trends, economic developments, and market dynamics, catering to professionals and industry stakeholders.
  295. BizWiz3D: A business consultancy providing innovative and 3D-thinking solutions to businesses, helping them overcome challenges, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable growth.
  296. Wallbursh Investments: An investment management firm offering a range of financial services and investment solutions, including portfolio management, wealth planning, and asset allocation, tailored to the unique needs and goals of clients.
  297. Raj Caps Industries: A leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality plastic caps and closures for various industries, offering innovative packaging solutions and customization options.
  298. News Broadcast: A reliable source of news and updates covering a wide range of topics, including politics, current affairs, technology, and entertainment, providing timely and accurate information to readers.
  299. NewzMania: An online news platform delivering curated news, trending stories, and interesting articles from around the world, offering a diverse range of topics and perspectives to keep readers informed and engaged.

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